Cody’s deeper thoughts: The game

The Game is simple. And it’s played by everyone. That’s because the Game consists of just about everything. School is part of The Game. Work is part of The Game. Games are part of The Game. In The Game, we hurt, we play, we work, we suffer, we usually fail, and sometimes we win big. There’s no reason to be scared or nervous when playing The Game (after all, it’s still just a game). The Game is politics and emotions. The Game is also stress. When someone masters The Game, they relax in peace while playing it (and winning it) even more. Not many people master The Game. Heck, not many people even know it exists!(Which is why many people aren’t very good at it). When was the last time you played The Game? Are you playing it right now? Did you play it in your big interview? What about when you got pulled over last week? When you took that test? Gave the presentation? Asked for the raise? It doesn’t matter now because you were playing it whether you knew it or not. See, the best way to win at The Game is to know that you’re playing it. If you don’t know you’re playing then the only way you’ll win is by luck. If you don’t know you’re playing then you’ll spend your time worrying about other things. Things like what other people think, what you can’t do by yourself, your upcoming sociology test, impressing your boss. Of course these things are part of The Game too, but if you know you’re playing then it becomes pretty hard to worry about them. The Game is freedom. So open your mind, open your eyes, find what scares you, attack everything, lose, lose, lose, win, lose…play The Game.

All of this may seem pretty confusing. And it is. The Game is hard to explain. But the first time you realize you’re playing, you’ll smile. You may even laugh. Don’t worry about the looks you get, just continue playing.

PS-Things the game is not: life and death situations of any kind, loving your family, raising your kids, sticking with your friends, believing in your purpose. These things are life.

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