SATAN!…peanut butter?

Curious much? Ya we were too! How in  the hell (pun definitely intended) are you supposed to pronounce s-e-i-t-a-n? And why does it look like a giant loaf of peanut butter? And how could something look like a loaf of peanut butter when peanut butter doesn’t even come in loaves? And neither do peanuts. And neither does butter!

The peanut butter loaf, aka Seitan!

Well apparently, Seitan is a fake meat made from wheat gluten. It can be made a bunch of different ways, but our version (“chicken style”) included wheat gluten, garbanzo bean flour, nutritional yeast, canellini beans, onions, garlic, and soy sauce. As I type this in the library at Cal Poly I’m eating some of Kristen’s first batch. It feels more like a combination between bread and meatloaf, making for a consistency that I’m really enjoying. And even though it’s meant to be recooked in your favorite dish, it’s getting later in the computer lab and my prolonged procrastination from papers and studying is making this particular loaf of protein quite tasty!

But it can also look really tasty, because it is!

Hopefully I can avoid eating the whole thing though. The block she gave me is about 1/2 pound and has over 50 grams of protein built into it…slightly more than my body can absorb in one meal I think. But despite my possible protein overdose, I highly recommend this stuff. If you’re looking for a solid homemade meat alternative that’s not all processed and shipped then definitely check it out! Our recipe came from the Real Food Daily Cookbook. Kristen made about 4 and a half pounds, enough to last her a week or two (as long as I don’t come over and gobble it all up with Sriracha!). And it’s incredibly versatile.

I’m thinking satan seitan will be joining us for dinner quite often from now on! PS-I am in no way sorry for that super hoaky word strike-through back there!

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