A good ol’ ramble

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything! I am ashamed. But that’s okay because I’m making up for it by running! Kristen and I have been steadily improving as the weeks go by and I’m thrilled to see us progressing together. After a couple of weekends off from any serious mileage due to our Colorado trip (totally worth it!), we got back at it with a vengeance. This has resulted in about thirty miles for each of us last weekend and another (almost) thirty together yesterday. We both have aches and pains (Kristen’s knee still acts up randomly and my ankles feel more brittle than they should), but we’ve begun to be able to listen to our bodies at a new level. Listening (and checking our pride) has been the key to our training. Not being afraid to back off, walk it in or sleep a couple extra hours rather than get in a couple extra miles has made all the difference compared to training of years past.

With this increased knowledge and slowly increasing ability, I believe the addiction has begun to ramp up for both of us. Personally, running was not my first love. I grew up racing motorcycles. Comparatively in running, there is a definite lack of thrill. However, there is also an enjoyment that I have found nowhere else. The personal satisfaction is huge and something I cannot forget, especially with the goals that Kristen and I have this year. Running for me has always been more about personal curiosity (not a revolutionary thought in the ultra world by any means). And that curiosity is being satiated.

However, another major reason to run is simply because I love to be outdoors. Running gets me where I need/want/need to go (I sound like every ultra blogger/issue of Trail Runner Mag in this sentence too, but whatever). And yesterday, Kristen and I went where we wanted to go.

In San Luis Obispo, there are the known trails and there are the unknown trails. There are trails known well by the locals and there are trails that I know are there, but haven’t yet been able to find. Yesterday I found my favorite trail for the second time. More than a year ago a good friend of mine took me mountain biking on this trail. When I suggested to Kristen that we try to find it again and incorporate it into our long run, I remembered two things: I (kind of) knew how to get there, and that this trail was my version of awesome.

All I can say today is that I’m glad I found it. It was sketchier and more awesome than I remembered and it only fueled my urge to explore this magnificent area even further (Kristen liked it too:). It made thirty miles fly by like a half marathon. The unsettled weather of an impending April shower only heightened the excitement. In short, I loved every minute of it.

Speaking of abrupt changes in subject (training to trails to…this), is there a real point to all this rambling?

No. I’m rambling because I’m excited about running, I’m excited about my training, I’m excited about where I live, I’m excited about my relationship with the most wonderful girl in the world, I’m excited about all of my friends and family, and I’m typing this last paragraph while lacing up to get a Bishop Peak summit before it gets dark. And I’m doing that because I’m excited about life.

Maybe that’s why I love running.

3 thoughts on “A good ol’ ramble

  1. Good stuff Cody! I also liked your video from Colorado. I’m planning to head out there this August. Any suggestions on where to, or where not to go?

  2. Thank you Chris! I really appreciate that. Definite do’s in Colorado: New Belgium Brewery (take a tour), Rocky Mountain National Park, all trails up above Boulder (ask to get on the Boulder Trail Runners email list and pick a run to join them on…we did the happy hour run and it was really fun, and was followed by great food at Sherpa’s). We never made it out of the Denver/Boulder/Ft Collins area so I’m not sure about other spots. I don’t think there’s anywhere you should avoid though. We were wishing it was summer since everything was snowed in…so bag a couple 14ers for us up in the high country!

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