A sweet new local run

Got a Garmin GPS a few days ago! Still playing around with it but dang it’s fun! Mileage, pace, elevation, all of it. The link below is to a run I found recently close to our (new) place. We moved across town into a tiny studio but the local trail is incredible! By far the toughest climb I’ve found in SLO yet.

Plenty of elevation gain. I’m still recovering…

Meanwhile, all is well on the homefront. Settling into a new job, a new place, living with Kristen full-time for the first time! We haven’t killed each other yet so that’s good:)

Hopefully a race coming up for me soon, though not sure yet what it’ll be. Kristen is nursing her knee by returning to swimming. She’s missing running but staying plenty active. Hopefully we’ll post a real update soon, not another one of these weird little blurbs.

Either way, if you happen to be reading this, enjoy your day and go outside!


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