Welcome to LoveandRunning! My name is Cody Hanson and I’m a guy who got lucky. I met Kristen in my junior year of high school. She was a pretty sophomore and I liked her. And she liked me! I thought that was pretty cool. So we started hanging out and got along really well. After awhile we realized we wanted more excitement in our relationship. Going to the movies just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So we started adventuring together!

I was definitely not a runner. But something about having a new girlfriend who’s into running makes a guy suddenly gain interest, you know? After a few runs in the American River Canyon behind Placer High School (that’s where we met), I realized running can be more than just laps on the track in gym class!

So with those first runs in The Canyon, Kristen changed me. She caused me to fall in love for a second time that summer (and even more in love with her). And that’s how it all started…

I’m Kristen Reichardt and I’m really excited to share all of the adventures that Cody and I seem to get ourselves into. While running is definitely my primary outlet for the adventure bug, any way that I can get outside and discover works too. It can be so nice sometimes to have someone to share your passions with and who doesn’t mind getting into difficult or scary situations with you as you explore the world! Through running, adventuring and figuring out what it takes to develop a relationship, Cody and I have grown a lot but we still have so much ahead.


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