Throughout our adventures, we’ve come across some pretty cool stuff, from printable trail maps to your next vegan recipe. So we decided to built a list of all the stuff we use on a weekly basis to help us live the lives we love. We just had to share, so enjoy! And keep checking back because as we stumble across other cool stuff we’ll be sure to add it!

Resource #1: The Dirtbag Diaries. Awesome storytelling. This is a free podcast series produced by Fitz Cahall. Meaningful, exciting adventure stories for everyone who loves being outside. Essential content for your next road trip!

Resource #2: The leading online resource for new gear, the latest trail and ultra race reports, pro interviews, and sweet stories from around the world. Bryon Powell runs this site and he’s an inspiration to runners and web creators alike!

Resource #3: Post Punk Kitchen. This site is A-Mazing! All vegan, all delicious. I found this site one day looking for a banana bread recipe and am now hooked. I’ve tried several different deserts and entrees and this blog hasn’t let me down yet.

Resource #4: Broke Ass Gourmet Another incredible food blog that seems to perfectly fit the lifestyle of a starving student who still likes good food. Not all the recipes are animal-free but a lot of them are or just easy to modify.

Resource #5: There are some really great maps for all different state parks or open space areas. They’re all high quality and easy to read and access. It’s for all of you who, like us, have wasted too many google searches on, where disappointment awaits when you don’t have a membership.

Resource #6: Strands Social media for fitness! I know, you’re thinking “I already waste enough time on facebook, I don’t need more social media!” But think again. This site takes a bit to get used to, but once you have it down the tools are great for keeping track of your training. Record mileage, time, calories, effort, how you felt, and add notes. You can even record sleep, nutrition and the gear you used! Then you can form training groups and set goals. Oh, and import data from your garmin, nike+ or other device. Goodbye notebook!


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